About Thin Gorilla

About Thin Gorilla and Kerrigan Marois

Thin Gorilla puts your business goals before anything else. With a combination of working smarter, listening better and planning ahead, you and I will take your project to the next level.

An Experienced Graphic Designer

Having freelanced and worked as an in-house designer for the last 7 years, I have taken on projects ranging from simple business card layout to websites containing hundreds of  pages. I have designed billboards, catalogs, product labels and even 3d designs for custom built flash drives.  These different skill sets have several things in common, but one in particular – that one person or a very small team can tackle large and complex problems by keeping things simple. Thin Gorilla, the lean way to pack a heavy punch. During the last 5 years as a full-time freelance graphic designer, I have kept one work ethic at the forefront, caring as much about your business as I do my own. This keeps me on my toes, looking for the best possible solutions to your business’ unique problems. I am always seeking ways to communicate better, utilize creative tools to their fullest and deliver projects that will help you make more money, reach more customers and not blow your budget out of the water.  There is no need in our digital age to spend tens of thousands on  an overpriced website when the same can be achieved for far less.

How I work:

Keep it simple, keep it smart, keep it fast.

3 Pillars of delivering a successful project:

  • Communication is key in any relationship, especially when it comes to designing your new logo or website. By communicating directly with me, your designer, your ideas are going straight into the work, not through a receptionist to art director, to creative director and finally to a junior designer.  Communicating directly is fast, efficient, and easy.
  • Starting off on the right path is critical to the successful flow of a project. This means starting with some ideas and inspiration we have talked about written out into a mind map, highlighting the base of what your project is about. Then we build up into sketches, digital mockups, functioning prototypes and finally a finished project to wow your customers! It is worth noting that every project is a little different, but the core philosophy remains the same – promote the things you value most about your business, then remove the things that distract from it.
  • Your project is the most important thing I’m working on, every time. Maybe it is just a business card with your name on it, but I guarantee I will be shifting things by the pixel to make sure it fits you. In an ideal world I could take as long as I need on every project, but I know that’s not the case. However, because I stick to the first two pillars (fundamentals & communication) strictly, this is never a problem. I will always be up front about whether or not I can make an idea happen in the time frame you need, at the quality you deserve.

The customer is not always right…

That’s why you are considering an expert. I trust that you know your business much better than I can imagine. We might disagree, but it will only be because I know a rainbow colored bear fighting a sabre toothed tiger logo on your new idea for safer toddler toys, is not going to help you sell those concerned mothers. However… The client always comes first. It’s your business, it’s your customers, and it’s your reputation. I respect those, and I would not dare tread on them. Good graphic design matters for any business, your business deserves it.

About Kerrigan

Kerrigan Marois himself. Pretty spiffy!I am a Freelance Designer based in Minneapolis/St.Paul, MN. I am trained in fine arts and in many types of digital software. I like reading sci-fi books about androids taking over the earth and generally live by the philosophy of Calvin & Hobbes…by Bill Watterson. I find inspiration through just about any type and style of art. I also love the latest advances in technology. I am also probably the only graphic designer that uses a PC. But I built that computer, with. my. bare. hands.


I was trained in digital software at the Digital Media Arts College in Boca Raton, FL. I learned some specifics about Photoshop, and 3d modeling, rendering and animation using software called Maya. What I learned more than anything at DMAC was how to learn software. This has led me to find many interesting ways to speed up how I work by using different software for what it’s best at, versus chaining myself to just one and sticking to it. Here is a list of the software that I am proficient at. After my stay at DMAC I moved back to home city of Minneapolis, MN. Here I enrolled in the prestigious Minneapolis College of Art & Design on scholarship. Here I took courses in graphic design and animation. I fell in love with graphic design here. Something about the critical thinking applied to creativity fit me very well. The most important thing I learned at MCAD while creating designs using pen, paper and an x-acto knife was that the computer is just a tool. Without the proper fundamentals I would just become the equivalent of a paper pusher – a pixel pusher. Taking the fundamentals learned at MCAD and armed with the ability to dive into new software from DMAC I have spent the last 7 years getting faster and working smarter, which have left me room to be more creative. All of these have led to me becoming a more experienced graphic designer. I love being a freelance designer, it’s the only occupation that allows me to be creative, learn about new technologies and meet such a diverse group of passionate people with great ideas. Even better than that, I get to have a small part in helping their business become better! I wish I could go tell my 14 year old skateboarding self that one day I would have a job where I never have to work.