Golden Ratio for Font Size and Viewing Distance

Whats the best size for readable type? I struggled with this for a little over a year. Finally it occurred to me that I was thinking about it in two dimensions rather than three. Two dimensional thinking puts the focus on charter size and words per line. But what really matters
Graphic Design Terms Shiels

Common Graphic Design Terms

Good communication between client and designer is critical to a successful outcome for both parties. That’s why I work hard to ensure that every client understands the “technical jargon” I may use to explain my approach to achieving the desired results. It would be unwise and
Apple Logo Deconstructed

The Value of Logo Design

Many business owners overlook the huge impact of good logo design on their business success. When you’re starting your business, a logo seems to be a small part of your overall marketing strategy. But as your business grows and prospers, that logo will become a powerful marketing