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Website Redesign


Lake Restoration needed a website redesign for their previous site.  Their online sales were starting to dip and they new they needed a better way to inform and retain customers.

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Lake Restoration Product Page

We focused on the user experience for the site. Educating the end user so they could make informed decisions on the products they would buy. This included a directory of information about pond related projects.

If you don’t think hiring a freelancer for a fraction of the cost of an agency because your problem or website is too big, think again.

I worked closely with one developer to build a website that has over 220 pages and a customized content management system. We did it all in 6 weeks. In order to accomplish this, I took a different approach to the design for the site. I used tiny modular elements which created larger pages that could be repeated with ease throughout the CMS. This helped the developer work faster as well to get the site tested and operational in record time.